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Fujimi 42298 IJN Battleship Hiei 比叡 w/Clear Display Base [Q-Ship]


- multi-color parts
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日本海軍戦艦 比叡
  • World War Two
  • Imperial Japanese Navy (IJN)
  • Kongō-class battlecruisers
  • 1914~1929: Battlecruiser
  • 1929~1937: Demilitarization & as training ship
  • 1937~1941: Reconstruction & reclassified as fast battleship
  • 1942: Invasion of the Dutch East Indies (Indonesia)
  • Apr 1942: Indian Ocean raid
  • 4~7 Jun 1942: Battle of Midway
  • Battle of Guadalcanal - battles of the Eastern Solomons and Santa Cruz Islands
  • Naval Battle of Guadalcanal - On the evening of 13 Nov 1942, Hiei engaged American cruisers and destroyers alongside her sister ship Kirishima (霧島). After inflicting heavy damage on American cruisers and destroyers, Hiei was crippled by air attack from USS EnterpriseHiei sank on the evening of 14 Nov 1942.
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