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Fujimi 42254 IJN Battleship Ise 伊勢 w/Painted Pedestal Display [Q-Ship]


- multi-color parts
- can float on water
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  • World War Two
  • Imperial Japanese Navy (IJN)
  • the lead ship of  Ise-class battleships (Ise 伊勢 & Hyūga 日向)
  • commission: 15 December 1917
  • Doolittle Raid [18 April 1942] - Ise pursued, but did not catch, the American carrier force
  • [11 May 1942] - While under repair, after the accident which flooded her No. 2 engine room, Ise was fitted with experimental Type 21 early-warning radar, but it was removed shortly afterwards.
  • After Battle of Midway, Ise & Hyūga (日向) were converted to a hybrid carrier (hybrid battleship-aircraft carriers).
  • Battle of Leyte Gulf - Battle off Cape Engaño [25–26 October 1944] - Ise protected carriers Zuikaku and Zuihō (both were sunk afterwards)
  • Operation Kita (北号作戦) [10–20 February 1945] -  IseHyūga & light cruiser Ōyodo were loaded with critically needed strategic war supplies ferried from Singapore back to Japan.
  • from 1 March 1945, Ise remained docked at Kure, without fuel or aircraft, and repainted in olive green camouflage, as a floating anti-aircraft battery.
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