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Hasegawa 09836 1/48 Kawasaki Ki-45 Kai Koh Toryu 屠龍 甲型 (Nick) "4th Flight Regiment"

- new plastic parts - Ho-103 slanting machine guns
- markings for 
第2攻撃隊隊長 樫出 勇中尉 (Lt. Isamu Kashiide) 乗機「28」「B-29 撃墜王」(26 kills)
第2攻撃隊 「39」(山口県小月飛行場:1944年:甲型夜戦)(ホ 103 12.7mm 上向銃)
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川崎 キ45改 二式複座戦闘機 屠龍 甲型 “飛行第4戦隊”
  • World War Two
  • Imperial Japanese Army (IJA)
  • Ki-45 Kai Ko (甲) - one 20 mm Ho-3 ventral cannon, two Ho-103 12.7 mm in the nose and one flexible 7.92 mm in the back position
  • Ki-45 Kai Otsu (乙) -  the 20 mm Ho-3 ventral cannon replaced by one 37 mm type 94 anti-tank gun
  • Ki-45 Kai Hei (丙) - one 37 mm Ho-203 automatic cannon in the nose (for naval target), one flexible 7.92 mm machine gun in the back position.
  • Ki-45 Kai Tei (丁) - modified Type Otsu (乙), as night fighter, equipped with one 37 mm Ho-203 cannon in nose and two fixed 20 mm Ho-5 cannons in a Schräge Musik-style dorsal frontal position, and one flexible 7.92 mm Type 98 machine gun in the back position.
  • Ho-203 - Japanese 37 mm autocannon. It was fed by a 15-round closed-loop ammunition belt. It was operationally used only as the nose gun of the Kawasaki Ki-45-KAI heavy fighter, for anti-bomber operations of Imperial Japanese Army (IJA), and on the upper fuselage of Mitsubishi Ki-46.
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