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Fujimi 60041 1/350 IJN Aircraft Carrier Kaga (加賀) [Premium]

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  • World War Two
  • IJN (Imperial Japanese Navy)
  • Tosa-class battleship,  was converted into an aircraft carrier under the terms of the Washington Naval Treaty
  • Commissioned: 30 November 1929
  • Second Sino-Japanese War [late 1930s]
  • Attack of Pearl Harbor [7 December 1941]
  • Invasion of Rabaul [January 1942]
  • Battle of Midway [4~7 June 1942] - Kaga & three other IJN carriers were attacked by American aircraft USS Enterprise, USS Hornet & USS Yorktown. Dive bombers from USS Enterprise severely damaged Kaga, and was scuttled by Japanese destroyers on 4 June 1942. Four IJN aircraft carriers was lost in Battle of Midway.
Kaga [1936]
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