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Gaianotes Enamel Color GE-02 Black (10ml) [Gloss]

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  • Suitable for brush painting, smearing filtering.
  • Slower in drying, fewer brushes mark on surface.
  • Add M-06 Premium Mat Powder as flat base.
Gaia Enamel Paint & Thinner
Cyan, Magenta & Yellow are primary enamel color (clear), need to add White to increase hiding power.
Use of Gaia Enamel Color - Color Mixing
[1] Mix Magenta & Yellow (primary color), add White to increase its hiding power. [2] Enamel is slower in drying, fewer brush mark & better glossy result.
Use of Gaia Enamel Color - Panel Line Wash
[1] Dilute enamel color with Gaia T-05. [2] Fill the panel line with diluted enamel paint (Capillary Action). [3] Add a drop of paint at ~1cm interval. [4] Wipe off the extra enamel with Gaia G-06 Finish Master or cotton swab soaked with Enamel Thinner (X-20 / T-05).
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