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Hasegawa 00867 1/72 Junkers Ju88A-11 (A-4 Trop) "North Africa"

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  • World War Two
  • German (Luftwaffe)
  • Ju88 A-4 - improved variant with longer wingspan, stronger defensive armament, driving wooden bladed propellers. four external bomb racks.
  • Ju88 A-8 - with balloon cable cutter, crew reduced to three.
  • Ju88 A-11 - Factory built tropical version, based on Ju88A-4. (Ju88A-4 Trop)
  • Ju88 C-6 - heavy fighter & night fighter, based on Ju88 A-4. 900 were built.
  • Ju88 D-1 - long-range photo-reconnaissance variant, based on Ju88 A-4.
  • Ju 88 D-3 - Tropicalized Ju88D-1Long-range photo-reconnaissance variant, based on Ju88 A-4.
  • Ju88 G-1 - night fighter, gun pod below the former bomb bay with four MG 151/20 20mm cannons. BMW 801 radial engines. FuG 220 Lichtenstein SN-2 radar.
  • Ju88 G-6 - Junkers Jumo 213A inverted V12 engines. FuG 220 Lichtenstein SN-2 90 MHz or FuG 218 Neptun 158/187 MHz radar, usual Hirschgeweih eight-dipole aerials or Morgernstern tripled crossed-dipole aerials (experimental). FuG 240 Berlin cavity magnetron based 3 GHz radar (Late version, with dish antenna in bulbous solid nose). Optional with two Schräge Musik upward firing 20 mm or 30 mm cannons.
  • Ju88 R-1/R-2 - Ju88C-6 + BMW801 engines & Radar (night fighter)
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